Day 29

DAY 29: A confession

Being weak or seeing my loved ones in a weak position scares me. It scares the shit out of me. To me, there’s nothing worse than feeling weak or helpless. I am an extremely strong person emotionally and mentally. I am really proud of myself for how strong I am. But sometimes, just sometimes I get in a position where I’m helpless and weak. All I want to do is break apart and cry and when I become this person… I start hating myself. I feel suffocated, I lose my strength. I am at my worse. And I keep this “me” hidden from people around me. I don’t want anyone to see or hear me this vulnerable and weak ever. 



This is a challenge that I have taken up for the next 30 days. You can find it here-

 “Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi(YouTuber)



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