Day 16

DAY 16: Thoughts on education

In such competitive world, it is must for all to have good education. The importance of higher education has increased for getting good job and position. Proper education creates lots of ways to go ahead in the future. It makes us strong mentally, socially and intellectually by increasing our knowledge level, technical skills and good position in the job. Each and every kid has their own dream of doing something different in the life. Sometimes parents dream for their kids to become a doctor, IAS officer, PCS officer, engineer and other high-level positions. There is only one way to all dreams which is good education. Education is a very important tool for everyone to succeed in life and get something different. It helps a lot in lessening the challenges of life. Knowledge gained throughout the education period enables each and every individual to feel confident about their life. It opens various doors to the opportunities of achieving better prospects in life thereby promotes career growth. 

These are my thoughts, and we’re different people so we can have different thoughts. I would love to hear yours down below in the comments 🙂

This is a challenge that I have taken up for the next 30 days. You can find it here-

 “Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi(YouTuber)



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