New Addition!

Hello, Everyone!

Firstly, if you’re new here, then welcome to my Elysian journey! I Hope you love my content and become a part of this beautiful community! :”)

I started this blog back in July’16. And never did I think, I’ll reach where I am today(THANK YOU!). I like being in my comfort zone aka being lazy and I also like writing when I feel like and not with deadlines. So, taking up something like blogging where consistency plays a huge role was a huge commitment that I made to myself. It wasn’t an easy journey. I had few bumps in the road when I had writer’s block or emotional upheaval or lack of creative juices and didn’t write for weeks. I used to get really upset with myself as I felt I wasn’t sticking to the commitments I made to the blog when I started out. I promised myself that I’m going to make these creative juices in my head flow and start taking up new ideas to make this blog better every day.
Soon enough I started a “Snippets” section and “BookReviews” section on the blog. And, immediately I started posting thrice a week. I had so much to write about. And everyone loved my thoughts and words and could connect with them. There is nothing more a writer wants than to have people be able to connect with his/her thoughts. Trust me, it feels good to be appreciated for your hard work.

Today, as I stand on the last day of the third month of the year(TIME FLIES!) I want to announce that I am starting a new section called “Challenges”. While browsing Pinterest, I came across these blogging challenges. And they seemed quite interesting to me. So, I decided to accept few of them(Mostly 30 days one) and do them here. If you’re a blogger like me… I would love if you would join me in my challenges. I start the first challenge tomorrow. So come back to see what’s in store for you all! I’m so excited about this 🙂

Signing off.


Elysian Mess




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