Promises for 2017?

The inevitable inconsistency of life does not and should not make us incapable, but sometimes, it shrinks us that we want to go incognito. It’s the last day of 2016 and before the new year starts, I wanted to make few promises to myself. But, more importantly, I want each one of you reading this to make these promises along with me for a happy 2017. 

I will take a look around at the people who have held me together for another year. Let’s face it, even the most independent spirit needs a shoulder to lean on, and in the routine of day to day it’s easy to forget that you’ve had people cheering you on and holding onto you on the days and nights where you couldn’t even think of taking another step forward. Yet here you are, and so are they, and you are the luckiest person in the universe to be able to say that.

I will silently thank the people who walked out of my life this year. For one reason or another, not everyone stays- not just romantically, but in friendships too. Not every person you expect to stand by your side ends up coming through. Some people weren’t intended to be in your story for the rest of your years, but temporary characters woven throughout your stories- to teach you lessons and make you a better person. And if they left your life, I hope you don’t beat yourself up and carry it with you- but be grateful for the times you had together, and wish them well.

I will take chances- little ones, big ones, everything in between. Whether it’s a simple change from your usual style that you’ve been too nervous to try, or it’s an opportunity that changes your entire life- I hope you take it. I hope you don’t allow past voices and the self-deprecating words in your head tell you that you’re not worth it; that you don’t let them keep you from going for dreams and chances you never thought possible. That you don’t stay within the confines of comfort that you’ve used as an excuse to play it safe. That you see more than that in yourself, and that you do something about it.

I will stop saying ‘yes’ when I want to say ‘no’. Seriously. Stop letting people walk all over you. I know it can be hard, to tell the truth, and it can be hard to speak up for yourself, but this is your life. Do what you want to do, not what everyone else wants you to do.

I will stop focusing on everyone else, and neglect myself.We spend way too much time worrying about others, worrying about what they think of us, and worrying about what other people are doing or accomplishing. Let 2017 be the year you stop neglecting your needs and your dreams. Focus on yourself.

I will stop dating just ‘to date’. You don’t have to date anyone if you don’t want to. You don’t have to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend just because everyone else has one. Don’t date someone just for the hell of it. It’s a waste of your time.

I will stop feeling sorry for myself when something doesn’t go as planned. Instead of spending time feeling sorry for yourself and wallowing on something that went south, work harder. Be better and do better. Let your mistakes shape you instead of tear you down. Learn from them, and don’t stop until you make your goals happen.

I will stop worrying so much about the future. The future is going to happen whether you like it or not. Try to focus on what is happening in the now, and what your goals are for today instead of what they are five years from now.

I will stop comparing myself to my peers. Everyone is comparing and contrasting so much, it is becoming unhealthy for our mental health. Instead of looking at life as a race, think of it as your own individual pathway and realize that everyone is going to be going in different directions. Other people’s successes do not make your success any smaller.

I will stop ignoring my gut feelings. If you feel like someone isn’t right for you, or a job isn’t right for you, don’t ignore how you are feeling. Please trust what your body is telling you, instead of bottling it up inside of you.

I will stop letting negativity get to me. There will always be negativity in this world no matter what you do. Please stop giving into that mindset and giving into the dark thoughts that your mind is capable of having.

 I will stop caring about what other people think. No, really. Your life is too short for you to care so much about what other people are thinking or saying about you. Is this their life that you are living? No. It is yours, and you are the star of your own world.

I will stop complaining about every little thing. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Everyone has their own struggles and their own insecurities. You are not the only who is struggling, and you are not the only one who is alone in how you are feeling. Think of the positive things that are happening in your life, instead of every tiny negative thing.

I will stop fretting about my imperfections. We all have them. We all have bumps and scars that we wish we were never born with, but it’s just a fact of life. Embrace them. Love those marks and those flaws. Learn to love yourself this year. Imperfections and all.

I will stop ignoring my mental health.If you are feeling like something isn’t right, and not like yourself, please don’t ignore it. Don’t put it off for later. Go talk to someone. Ask for help.

I will stop worrying about things I can’t ever change. There is no use worrying so much about things you will never be able to take back or change. Instead, focus on today and do your best. That is all anyone can ask of you.

I will stop giving up so easily. Please stop giving up so quickly on your dreams, on your goals, and on yourself. You are worth so much more than half-assed attempts, and you are worth so much more than only giving your 50%. Give it all. And keep on trying.

I will stop treating myself like crap. We all have our bad moments. We all have things we wish we never said. But, honestly, your life is too precious to beat yourself up so much. Treat yourself better in 2017. Give yourself time to focus on what you love and adore about yourself. Be proud of who you are and who you have become.

I hope in 2017, I surprise myself with just how incredible I’m.

I hope each one of you read this out loudly and made some promises meant to be kept. If you are going to be keeping these promises, then comment down below “I PROMISE”. Let’s make our next year the best year ever! The selfish year!

I wish each one of you and your family Happy New Year 2017. I hope and wish for your new year to be full of happiness, love, success and good health always! Lots of love! XoXo

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“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi


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