Choices. We all make certain choices at some point in our life. We all have been on the fork path at least once in our lives. Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you make. I believe that decisions are the hardest things to make. Especially when it’s a choice between choosing where you should be and where you want to be. It’s like you’re free to make choices but not choose the consequences of that choice you make. It is just a universal paradox.It’s easy to make up your mind and convince it… but your heart… its not easy.
You’ll often find yourselves in a dilemma to choose what is right or what is wrong. Do you choose to stay put or walk away? Do you follow your dreams or your parent’s dreams? Do you stay with your parents or do you move out and away from them? Do you give up or do you fight more? Do you get to be emotional or not? Do you pretend or do you put your real self out there? Do you care or not? Do you trust or not? Do you let go or not? Do you be there or not? Do you speak up or not?
There are so many “do you..”. The list is endless. How do you decide which part of the question you’re going to choose? Especially when you don’t even know the consequence of your choice? A part of you says you should do this and the other part says to go in the opposite direction. How to make sense of this confusion? One of the choices is definitely better than the other, but how do you decide which is better? We’re responsible for the choices we make and what if we make a wrong choice and regret it.. do we forgive ourselves for it? When will these dilemmas find a definite answer? Is it ever going to be possible to make a decision or choice without being scared of the consequences?

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“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi


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