Memories have a funny way. There are some memories that you want to forget about, some that you want to treasure forever, some that are just there faintly in your mind and some memories that you have no idea what to do about with.

The memories you want to forget about will constantly keep coming across in your mind. No matter how much you try to forget them, how much you try to get rid of. No matter what you do they always stick around, not wanting to leave you. There are some people in your life that you want to forget about, move past from and in order to do that you need to forget about all those memories you’ve had with them. It is in these moments in which memories that you want to move away, will stick around giving you immense pain.

The memories you want to treasure forever are usually the ones that give you happiness when thinking about them. The person that is involved with you in that memory is important. It is this human and his/her memories that are your source of happiness. These memories will give you the much-needed push in your life, the strength to stand back up.

The memories that are faintly there in your mind are usually the ones that were either the ones you fought with to forget about or the treasured ones. The people involved in these memories might not be in your life anymore. A few years later, maybe you’re walking down a street and something you see gives you a flashback of such memories- the faint memories. And you smiled and then move ahead with your day without giving those memories much thought.

Finally, there are those memories that you no don’t know what to do with. Either to forget them or cherish them or let them be in your mind faintly.  A part of you wants to smile when you think about such memories but at the same time, such memories cause you a slight pain also. You don’t exactly know what to do with such memories, they were supposed to be “happy” memories and not “painful” memories.

What’s funny is the memories that you create in your head with certain people might not be the same way with those people. A happy memory for you might be a sad memory for the other person. Even though it is the same experience. Memories have their own way in our lives. We can to an extent have control over them, but it is usually the memories that win us over.

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“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi


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