“Life is too unpredictable, so, for this reason, we should appreciate it. It’s worth living”
When I was born, I didn’t know what God planned for me for the future. All I remember is that everyone around me was happy for the reason I was born and brought a bouquet of happiness for them. I was the only one at that time who was unplanned for everything but people around me weren’t, especially my parents.
Life is all the same. The moment you think you are up with, it changes. None of us know when a new turn would come and the world around us will change. It is always full of challenges every time, from the birth till the death. We keep on fighting with it to win every another time. Sometimes we win and at other time we don’t. The only motive of the life is to make you worth, but all we need is to keep ‘trust’ on ourselves and the parent of all the ‘God’. Try to ask him to give you power and strength and he will give you problems, not to make you lose your hope but to make you strong to fight with it and win with the strength. He is the master player behind every game of each of our life. Every meeting, every moment and everything that meet us in our way of life is already planned by him. He brings heartaches and sufferings and pangs at the perfect time not to make you lose yourself but to prepare you to deal the right one with your best. Trust him and every problem would be just a way to reach your aim.
We often look at the closed door of our life forgetting what was open for us once. Remember, a successful story is always narrated by a failure. Life is never a full stop but a new beginning every time. So, for this reason, we should confide and believe in ourselves. Set yourself as the example for everyone. A failure story would be better than a successful one as it would provide the trick to avoid failures to meet success. Don’t get mad when you don’t meet it but try and try and trust that whatever u get is a result of your efforts and the best of you. Life is always delicious and full of surprises, so, respect it as you never know when it turns your fate and destiny.
Just remember life is a journey. Either it would be full of thorns or of feathers, the choice is always yours, which to lead with. Circumstances, situations, and people will never be the same so live every moment. Write your name in the heart of people you come in touch with, because it’s the only place where it can stay forever. But never let someone become the priority in your life because the most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, but when you don’t understand yourself. Relationships work best only when they are balanced.

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“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi


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