“An unknown strength of trillion volts I get when I am with her. She is addressed – in many titles,terms,names but to me, she is my confidence, my courage , my strength and my everything. When I was a baby in the cradle, I felt her presence and could experience her tender touch and loving smile. I always longed to see her and spend more time with her. But she has her other responsibilities and duties at home.I grew with each passing day and learnt to identify people, made strange sounds, unknown even to me. Whatever I did my eyes kept on searching for her. The moment I see her, my joy knew no bounds and I wish her to spend her entire time with me. Nah…. Not possible!Time sped very fast as if on wings – I started to crawl and I managed to reach her often to the kitchen , at times to corridor , bed room or even to living room. Wherever she is, she stretches out her hands and enfolds me into her arms, pressing close to her chest. I love her smell. That puts me to sleep much against my wishes. Never did I notice a line of irritation or impatience on her forehead except sweet smile. She according to me is an epitome of patience.I am called by different names by my family members, I am the apple of their eye, I am everyone’s pet but my pet is she. Time passed by I stepped into my kinder garden holding her hand. Oh, my! Many children were there like me. I was fascinated seeing my peers; I spent with them, played and even shared my snacks with them. Yes- now I am in my seventh standard – still, I am her cute little miss, her angel… Every new day brought with it new things to talk about, new and trendy fashions various topics to talk about, I was biased, lost and puzzled —all these choked and suffocated me. People say this is the age of transformation and teens tend to spend more time in front of the mirror. So did I…When I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I find her reflection also admiring and nodding her head in approval. She stood beside me like a string pillar, allowing me not to be off tracked. My immaturity, indecisive nature, playful attitude transformed into stable, responsible nature, and human being.I passed out my tenth Board exam with flying colours, securing top position. Not me – she was the pinnacle. What a selfless person she is…!! I busied myself with countless college exams, competitive exams, regular and weekend tests etc… My responsibilities doubled up and she simultaneously taught me to do my hair, dress presentably, maintain neatness of my room, help her out with the daily chores, maintain relationships etc… I never knew when I learnt to cook… That day was a memorable day in my life when my dad appreciated the recipe which I made.

Presently I am pursuing my Bachelors in Literature.. a 20-year-old girl – still I am a baby for her, she often hugs me relieving me off my tiredness, Amidst all these she taught me to be courageous, fearless, bold, to be patient, sportive, compassionate, generous, truthful, honest, sincere, fight for my right, face challenges of life, never to give up, to forgive and forget people, respect elders and fellow human beings, respect nature and motherland. She wants me to be a fine human being with all values of life. Her teachings are my life lessons, her experience is my teacher, her words are my comfort, she is my source of inspiration, and her presence is my strength.By the way who is ‘SHE’? ANY GUESS- YES, RIGHT U GOT IT. She is none other than my mom. She keeps playing multiple sides in my life… as a friend, teacher, guide, and philosopher.Do you know what her favourite, pet statement…is? Here it is –

“Girls are one’s Assets, Family’s honour, Nations pride but mother’s darlings…””


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“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi


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