You know, when all your life you’ve been a quiet person, someone who doesn’t speak up or shares anything to anyone and dies a silent death practically every other night…
Then suddenly, you become this rebel. Wanting to speak up, wanting to share your thoughts, wanting the world your people to know what’s been up with you or what’s been bothering you or why you don’t want to shut up anymore or why you want to fight back and not give up or why you don’t want to fail another relationship in your life.

You look around yourself. There are these people who claim to love you for who you are and care for you unconditionally or silently. Then there are people who are fighting their own battles. Then there are people, you don’t know if opening up to them is going to make a difference or not. Then there are those people that shut you out or mock you when you speak too much. There also those kinds of people who say they understand you but in real they don’t. There are also those people you love or care for so much that you don’t want to bother them with your stuff.

Choosing the right person to open up to about your thoughts or trusting them to understand you is tough. You never know what or how a person would decipher your thoughts. You never want to be a burden to anyone.

Human tendency says that we humans run away from things that are tough or are going to hurt us. Or run away from decisions that are going to change your life.

So you decide to keep quiet like before. Keeping your frustration and thoughts to yourself. Dying a slow death every night with your thoughts. You decide to not be a rebel because you fail at everything. The desire in you to excel at everything gets diminished with every passing moment. But you try to cheer up and put on a smile for the world-your people to know that you’re okay. And you’ll survive and not be a coward. You’ll just stay quiet now onwards and take all the tribulations thrown at you by people or life silently.

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“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi


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