What if I never fell in love?

“Sometimes life brings you at a stage where you can’t differentiate between right and wrong. And at that point, everything seems so perfect. You can’t find a fault in anything. You start loving your life. You begin to thank god that he gave you such a flawless life. Yes, you’re right this stage is nothing else but LOVE..!

When you fall in love suddenly everything around you is beautiful. You feel that nothing can ever go wrong with you. Everything just seems like a fairytale. You feel you got your Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect .You guys spend endless hours talking to each other about your future together and who loves whom more. You make promises to be forever together and never to leave those hands you held tightly. The magic of love engulfs you so much that you just want to leave everything and be with that person till your last breath. Once you’re in LOVE you forget about rest of the world, you forget the people who are responsible for your existence your parents, you tend to forget those friends with whom you promised to be with no matter what come may. Though your mind repeatedly tells you what you are doing is wrong. But you trust your heart so much you ignore your own mind. LOVE is a feeling which makes you go crazy about some stranger whom maybe you have known for few days or months or years! At this stage, you just don’t feel the need to do anything but to think about your life with that person. Soon you realize you’re daydreaming about everything related to that person. You just want to talk to that person for hours and hours. You share the deepest secret that probably most of your friends don’t know, with that person. Your future seems so bright to you.
But suddenly everything turns so evil. And you’re taken by surprise. You lose your mind only to realize that you’ve been cheated on! Suddenly outbursts a tug of war between your heart and mind. You definitely want that broken heart to win and tell you what happened was just a mistake and you guys can never be apart. But your mind wins the match and tells you I told you so! You wish you had listened to your mind before. You get into depression. Everything around you stops. The time you always wanted to fly stops. You don’t feel the need to live. You curse your life and god for giving you such a life. You start seeing that person everywhere. You start getting sleepless nights and you just can’t stop thinking about that person. You miss that person so much. You shed tears for that person who wasn’t even worthy of you. Everything around you seems lifeless and silent. You just can’t forget the person’s face. You try to spend day and night trying to keep yourself busy. But nothing helps you. You wish to tell that person that you miss them so much and how much it hurts. You think there was a time when you guys were so close and today you’re so far from each other leading different lives. You still have hopes to get back together. You have flashbacks of all your memories spent together. You stay away from the crowd and cry silently. It’s been so much time since anyone has seen you smiling. Crying is the only thing you’ve been doing ever since you’ve separated. But the friends, whom u betrayed earlier, stay by your side to bring you all the happiness. You feel guilty for what you did to them. They kept their promises but u didn’t. Your friends try to cheer you up. They make you write down things you hate about him/her but you end up writing the things you love the most. And suddenly you realize how much you love that person. Tears roll down your face. Your life is destroyed and now even your friends can’t mend the broken pieces of your heart. You held yourself responsible for your situation. And you spent rest of your life thinking ‘what if I never fell in love?’” 

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“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi


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