Hello, everyone I have always been yearning to start my own blog. But never got the chance. Today  I finally sat down and forced myself out of bed to make this blog. Starting a blog isn’t the easiest task I swear! It takes a lot of technical knowledge. I wish I paid attention in my computer classes back in the school days! But nevertheless, I have set up the blog to my best of abilities. I promise I would improve along the way!

I am starting this blog with no aim in my mind. I think I’ll find myself here trying to escape from reality. I often find putting my emotions to words easier than being vocal about them, so you’ll find me cribbing a lot. #You’veBeenWarned

I hope you join me on this journey to find more about me and my thoughts. I am going to improvise with every step I make towards this blog! ❤

Spread positivity and happiness around yourself. Be a part of the Elysian messy journey! 

“Don’t forget to remember, if you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong”- Alex Wassabi 


3 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. prashantt says:

    Haahaa…this introduction let me with smiles,great to know you S & love to see if you post something related to cooking(I am hotelier 😉)who also don’t like dogs anyways pleasure connecting you.Happy blogging👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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